Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I finally finished the block for Donna's pillow

I don't know if you remember but if you go back through the posts a little ways you will see this little girl silkie and a picture of my friends living room. Donna wanted me to make her a pillow. Well I got the block done and told her that I wasn't that great at sewing things together and I was hoping the pillow came out square with nice corners. Donna said that she was good at sewing pillows so I'm sending her the block and fabric for the pillow and she's going to put it together! I was so happy because when it comes to the sewing that's when I get nervous, lol. I hope she likes the block for her pillow!

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Anonymous said...

Love the little girl silky and your work is very nice. WOW, that is just like me, love to crazy quilt, do not care so much for the sewing together part. Your friend making the pillow is a win win:):) You did a great job!