Saturday, July 25, 2009

What is this?

My sister loves yard sales and if she sees something I would like she grabs it, she is so sweet! Anyway she found this at a yard sale yesterday and she didn't think to ask the lady what it was.
It can't be a plant hanger because who would want to cover up the beautiful crystals with leaves and it can't be a candle holder can it, if you were to put lets say a large tea light in it where would the wax drip to?
The first person to tell me what this is and a link to a picture will receive a squishie with their favorite colors and theme and a silkie!
Whatever it is it sure is pretty though, isn't it? lol


Nicki Lee said...

Well I do believe it is a candle holder. My father owns a lamp store and had a few last year for sale - you insert a large candle in the bottom and when lit, it reflects the light on the crystals.

I'd say you got yourself a pretty piece of jewlerly for your bedroom.

Jill said...

Thank you Nicki I was thinking it was a candle holder but wow you just let the wax drip all over the floor?
I can see where it would be gorgeous with light reflecting behind the crystals. Just wondering about the wax.

ritathequilter said...

It is a light fixture,you just need the cablekit from a hardware store,Rita

Anonymous said...

I thought like Nicki that it is a candle holder, although I have seen ones like it with a small votive glass down in them the kind with a rounded lip to hold it in and then tea light candles sit in that. The glass part is easy to get.

Anonymous said...

if you look at the votive candle holder it is hard to see the glass part with the tea light in it but look carefully and you will see it

Anonymous said...

here is another one: