Monday, July 27, 2009

Nicki and Ann's Squishie for the What is this Challenge.

Ann let me know that she liked Victorian and her colors were whites and creams and she also liked maroon or darker reds which I don't have much of but I do have whites and creams and she said she also liked pink, I do have pink, lol. I tried to make her squishy as Victorian as I could. I found the little girl image on the same blog that Lyn G posted about. Her hat was maroon but her blouse was white, I thought it would look good if her blouse matched her hat so I colored the blouse. Her face had no color so I gave her a nice blush and made her eyes blue. I think she turned out really pretty, I hope you like your squishie Ann! Thank you so much for your help!Nicki S is the other winner, thank you for your help also Nicki! Nicki let me know that she wanted blues with an Under the Sea Theme so I put together uts items and fabrics. I didn't know what I was going to use for her silkies so I went to google and typed in Free Clip Art and started clicking on links and found two adorable images. I didn't have to do anything to these but print them out. I hope you like your squishie Nicki!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Silkie for Ann's Squishie

I've sent the afternoon working on a silkie for Ann's squishie. Ann loves Victorian and she likes muted colors. I found this image on the blog that Lyn G found and love it! Here's the link to the blog > . Thank you Lyn, I love this blog! I thought I would mess around in photo shop elements 6 and see what I could do with this image because I didn't think Ann would like all the writing on it. If you do Ann let me know and I can clean it up and send it to you as is. Anyway I had a lot of fun messing around to see what I could do. I can't paint and have always wanted to so I think this is the next best thing, lol. I really wanted to put a tree in the image but I couldn't find one the same style, one that would blend in and look like it was painted by the same artist. Maybe Ann could embroider a tree on the right hand side over the leaves and bring it up over and to the center of the image? Just a thought. What do you think about this silkie?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I have two winners!

Nicki said it was a candle holder that you put a big candle in so she is right, it is a candle holder.
Ann said it was a candle holder that you put a glass votive down into and she's right.
With your help I was able to find a picture>
I had no idea what to even call it when I first posted so you both will get a squishie!
Please send me an email with your favorite colors, and theme and I'll get them off to you on Monday.
Thank you!

What is this?

My sister loves yard sales and if she sees something I would like she grabs it, she is so sweet! Anyway she found this at a yard sale yesterday and she didn't think to ask the lady what it was.
It can't be a plant hanger because who would want to cover up the beautiful crystals with leaves and it can't be a candle holder can it, if you were to put lets say a large tea light in it where would the wax drip to?
The first person to tell me what this is and a link to a picture will receive a squishie with their favorite colors and theme and a silkie!
Whatever it is it sure is pretty though, isn't it? lol

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The tin my mother made!

I've made a couple of tins lately and my mother just loved them so she decided she wanted to make one. She picked out the colors and silkie and I pieced the block for her (she's having a hard time figuring out how to piece) and she embellished this little tin. Isn't it pretty! I love how she did the inside with the floral motif! A few years ago I bought her some sre kits that she had worked on but never put them together. She cut out the sre that she did and glued it to the inside of the tin, I just love it! I also love how she embellished the outside, now I know where I get my talent from, lol.

I finally finished the block for Donna's pillow

I don't know if you remember but if you go back through the posts a little ways you will see this little girl silkie and a picture of my friends living room. Donna wanted me to make her a pillow. Well I got the block done and told her that I wasn't that great at sewing things together and I was hoping the pillow came out square with nice corners. Donna said that she was good at sewing pillows so I'm sending her the block and fabric for the pillow and she's going to put it together! I was so happy because when it comes to the sewing that's when I get nervous, lol. I hope she likes the block for her pillow!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tin I made for CQI Tin Swap.

I finished the tin for the CQI Tin Swap. Every time I make one of these I love making them more and more! I need to collect more tins, lol.
I printed out small silkies so she could use them to make inches if she wants to or she could use them for whatever she would like.
I hope the lady I made this for likes it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Altoid Tin for a Friend

I just finished an Altoid tin I made for a friend of mine. She wanted a little pill tin for her vitamins. I've also been working on another tin for a tin swap I signed up for on CQI.

I love covering tins it's so much fun and they sure end up prettier then what they started out as, lol.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scripture Bookmarks

I had so much fun today making bookmarks! I made a small gift for a friend of mine and wanted to add a little something extra in her package so I thought I would fiddle around and see if I could come up with some bookmarks. I think they turned out pretty good.
I would like to share these bookmarks with my online friends so if you send me your email address I'll email you the bookmark on Word and all you have to do is print them on card stock and then cut them out or you can print them on silk and back them whatever you would like to do. If you want to print some out, just send me an email at .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to make a Coffee Can Footstool

First you need 14 coffee cans and some duct tape.
Tape the cans together. Tape the top and bottom first and then the sides.

Now tape the two stacks of cans together.

You can use cardboard but for the top I used an old rotary mat. If I could do it over I would make sure it was cut more to fit the edge of the cans but the mat was hard to cut so I was sloppy.

Tape the round cardboard or whatever you used for support to the top and bottom.

Hot glue batting all the way around.

Picture of hot glue as you are gluing the batting.

When you get to the edges just butt the edges together with the hot glue.
Picture of batting glued all around. Now for the fabric.

Make sure your fabric is long enough to come up and around the top and bottom. Lay your fabric out and put the cans on it's side on the fabric. Bring the fabric around the cans, fold in one edge so it is not raw and hot glue the seam down side. Then stand it up and evenly glue the fabric on the top and bottom.

Picture of the fabric hot glued on.

I cqued a piece for the pillow that will be on the top of the footstool. I made the round block 4" bigger then the top of the footstool.

Cut another piece of cardboard that you will use to make a pillow and cut a little door in it.

Now hot glue the pillow piece onto your cardboard. I did four sides and then kept putting a dab of glue in the middle of the loose fabric until the little gaps got smaller and smaller.

Now stuff fiber fill into the hole (hopefully you made the hold big enough to put a clenched fist full of fiber fill in it, lol, after it's stuffed duct tape the hole shut.

Hot glue your pillow top onto the top of your footstool and add trim around the sides.

Cut a round piece of fabric and hot glue it on the bottom Your Finished!

Here is a picture of my new footstool! This foot stool is very sturdy if you aren't stingy with the duct tape. I saw this project on HGTV years and years ago and this is the fourth one I've made.
This is the first cqed one. I didn't bother with the seams because I figured with all the sitting and foot resting that will be done, I didn't know if embroidered or lace seams would hold up. If you make one of these please share pictures! Have fun and save those Coffee Cans!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm showing but not telling!

I had so much fun working on my Secret Sister's last giftie from me!
I'm going to show the gift but not tell who my ss is, lol. Not even a tiny hint, lol.
I had a vintage tea tin that I've had for years so I thought I would put it to good

I had a fun cqing the thimble!
I hope my secret sister likes her gift, I thought about her with every tiny
I'll be popping it in the mail to her tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A little teaser for my Secret Sister.

For the past five months I've had a Secret Sister and this month is the last month to send something to her. I found a Christmas image I wanted to use of a cute little girl with some birds but I didn't want it to be Christmas since I wanted this to be a year round gift. Here it is as the Christmas image.

I fiddled around in Photoshop Elements 6 over the weekend and came up with this.
So the lady who gets this image on an item I'm making for her will know that it is me who has been her Secret Sister for the last 6 months, lol. A little teaser for you!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Going back to the 70's for 2009.

My daughter bought me an Angel Hair Spider plant for Christmas. It's different from the usual spider plant because the leaves kind of curl giving it a fuller look.
I wanted to hang the plant in the corner of my living room but I didn't have a plant hanger. In the 70's I used to macrame plant hangers so I thought I would make one. I haven't made one for like 25 years, when I sat down to make it I had a big blank and just stared at the cording not know how in the world to start. When I made them in my 20's I could make them with my eyes closed, lol, so I was really frustrated! I saw some on line already made for as low as $5.99 but I refused to buy one even if they were giving them away for free! I can make these I just know everything will come back to me! I typed in macrame plant hanger instructions and read it over and yessssss, it all came back. So on January 1st, 2009 I revisited the 70's and made this plant hanger. I wanted the knots loose to look lacy. I think it came out pretty good!

Now I just need to figure out what to do with the pot, get a new
one or cover this one?