Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A swap with my friend Donna.

Donna is a friend of mine for at least 20 years or more.We used to talk when our kids were younger and had some nice conversations but we were so busy with kids we never really talked about interests like hobbies and such.
Donna moved to Arizona a few years ago and we kind of lost touch, maybe talking once a year or two.
Over the summer we have started talking more and more and now our relationship is deeper and closer then it ever has been. It's wonderful that the Lord is renewing our friendship and we are both enjoying it so much!
Thank you Lord Jesus!
We were talking about our new interests and Donna told me that she had written a book and I told her that I had gotten into crazy quilting.
Donna told me about her book and read me one of the poems and I sent her some pictures of some of the cq work I have done.
We decided to make an exchange, Donna would send me one of her books and I would make her a pillow. At first Donna didn't know if it would be fair because of the time it would take me to make a pillow but I told her are you kidding it took you months to write this book and it would be a fair exchange!
The name of Donna's book is Rhymes... by God
Spirit Filled Poems for God's Kids of All Ages.
Here is one of my favorites>
Pearl of Great Price
A merchant watched for pearls every day.
He found a pearl of great price, selling all to pay. ( Mt 13:45-46)
God so loved the world He gave Jesus, His Son.
All who believe have eternal life and would not perish, not one. (Jn 3:16)
Believers are the beautiful pearls with no flaw. ( S of S 4:7)
With His everlasting lovingkindness, He continues to draw. (Jer 31:3)
A pearl is formed when it is irritated by a grain of sand.
With time and patience, it grows into a precious jewel so grand.(Phil 1:6)
As our precious faith is exercised, we grow to become complete. (1 Pet 1:3-7) (2 Cor 4: 6-7) ( Mk 4:30-31)
Speaking God's Word will overcome satan's irritations for his defeat. (Ps 17:4) ( 1 Pet 5:8-9) ( Rev 12:11)
It is not the trial that changes us, but renewing our minds in God's Word. ( Rom 12:1-2) ( Jas 1:2-4, 3)
Even though our precious faith is tested by fiery trials, (Ps 34:19)
God will deliver and perform a good work in you. Count it all smiles!
(PS 91 all, vs 1-2, 9, 14-15) ( Ph 1:6) ( Jas 1:2-4)
Copyright Protected.
Isn't that a wonderful Poem filled with God's love and Promises!
Here is a picture of Donna's book that I was so blessed to receive!

If you would like to buy one of Donna's books email me and I'll forward your email to her so she can get in contact with you.

My part of the exchange was to make Donna a pillow. She wanted one for her living room sofa. She sent me some pictures so I could have a better idea of her style and use of color. Donna has the most beautifully decorated home! Talking about eye candy! I was drooling over every pic she sent me. She is one talented lady! She likes everything that I like, lace and vintage and victorian and pinks! lol

Here is a picture of her living room so I could see the sofa. I would like to post all the pics she sent me but I will have to get permission first, lol.

After going through hundreds of images I decided on this one for the pillow. I think it will fit wonderfully on her sofa! Now that I have the image, I can't wait to get started!

What you think?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pay It Forward and the Winner is!

I have the winner to the Pay it Forward! This is how I came up with the winner.
First I went to and put in everyone's name and the generator randomly gave me a number for everyone who posted. Then I took the numbers and put them in the generator and it randomly picked out one number.
The winner is>>>>>> Candi! Congratulations!
Thank you to everyone who visited my blog and commented on my work. I appreciate your wonderful comments!
Thank you for playing and I look forward to seeing what Candi is going to make for her Pay it Forward commitment to keep this going!
Hugs to all,