Saturday, January 3, 2009

Going back to the 70's for 2009.

My daughter bought me an Angel Hair Spider plant for Christmas. It's different from the usual spider plant because the leaves kind of curl giving it a fuller look.
I wanted to hang the plant in the corner of my living room but I didn't have a plant hanger. In the 70's I used to macrame plant hangers so I thought I would make one. I haven't made one for like 25 years, when I sat down to make it I had a big blank and just stared at the cording not know how in the world to start. When I made them in my 20's I could make them with my eyes closed, lol, so I was really frustrated! I saw some on line already made for as low as $5.99 but I refused to buy one even if they were giving them away for free! I can make these I just know everything will come back to me! I typed in macrame plant hanger instructions and read it over and yessssss, it all came back. So on January 1st, 2009 I revisited the 70's and made this plant hanger. I wanted the knots loose to look lacy. I think it came out pretty good!

Now I just need to figure out what to do with the pot, get a new
one or cover this one?


quiltlion said...

Beautiful, Jill. I make them at times also. They are beutiful and functional!

piney cq said...

Very pretty! All ya need is a cq pot cover! ROFLOL!!! Seriously.... great job! I can't remember how to macrame'! LOL!!

Cheryl said... this a blast from the past. I used to make and sell macrame hangers in the 70's. I dyed my own jute, burned it with a blow torch for effect, etc. etc.
What a fun piece of new nostalgia you have there!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

This is a blast from the past, Jill! I used to love doing macrame back in the day. Very nice plant too!

Thelma said...

Beautiful Jill! Looks like once you found the info you had no problem makeing one.

Cindy said...

I used to make a lot of those in the 70's too. I loved the 70's so thanks for the memories.

Jill said...

Thank you ladies for your super comments! I was so happy when it came back, when you did something so easily in the past and then forget how, it sure is a bummer! lol. I love google for memory jogging! lol