Friday, September 19, 2008

Everyone loved my furniture!

When everyone came in my house the first thing they noticed was my Victorian furniture. I just love it and can't believe it is mine! lol.
You will never guess where I found this gorgeous furniture. The Craigs list!
I had been looking for new furniture and wanted something that looked Victorian. My daughter and niece have found some wonderful things on the Craigs list so I thought I would take a look. There was a post that said Victorian sofa, love seat and chair there were no pictures and the post had been up for 5 days already and I honestly thought that by now it was probably sold but I picked up the phone and called and said, you probably still don't have the furniture do you? The lady said that because she wasn't able to post pics she really didn't get any calls, so I got it! Yipeeee!


quiltlion said...

Jill Awsome suite!! Lyn G

Lil said...

Oh me OH MY! That furniture is STUNNING and I would be giddy with joy too! Methinks you need a cream on cream CQ to drape on the end of the sofa. I am green with envy!