Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pay It Forward and the Winner is!

I have the winner to the Pay it Forward! This is how I came up with the winner.
First I went to and put in everyone's name and the generator randomly gave me a number for everyone who posted. Then I took the numbers and put them in the generator and it randomly picked out one number.
The winner is>>>>>> Candi! Congratulations!
Thank you to everyone who visited my blog and commented on my work. I appreciate your wonderful comments!
Thank you for playing and I look forward to seeing what Candi is going to make for her Pay it Forward commitment to keep this going!
Hugs to all,


Candi said...

Whooohoooo guess what I got in the mail today!!!! OMG it's absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you for the bridal lace, it's beautiful and I love the charms. They're awesome! Will you email me?

Sharkeysday said...
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Sharkeysday said...

Ok, I'm a dork. I thought you were your "follower" and not you! But Hi! Leslie gave me all of your blog addy's and so I'm trying to work out "who is who"! :)