Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well here I am blogging!

I finally got a blog a little late but it's better then never. I believe this is going to be an adventure like setting up house. I need to figure out how to decorate and rearrange.
Ok so how do I add lots of Pink, and Victorian, Roses, and of course Lace?


Jon and Wendy said...

Great start!!! Love your background so much. It has such an elegant, delicate touch.

Melissa said...

I just saw your blog today with the new boarder color and it's PERFECT wow is it pretty! I don't think the inner area needs changing it looks totally beautiful! If you want to change your fonts and colors just go into the settings area and find the font and colors tab they make it pretty easy. Girl you should be blogging excuses now!!! Remember people come to blogs for eye-candy!!! LOL And I just know you have some!